2013 FORD Duathlon

Published On May 13, 2013 | News

FAMBE Team Ford 2013It’s Friday morning and heavy rain falls in Fredericksburg. The 2013 FORD could be cancelled.

Friday evening, the race director and FredEvents owner, Konrad Heller, announces that the race is on!

Saturday morning, there was a chill in the air, but the 75+ competitors could only be happy that the race was on and they were going to accomplish what they had all set out to do when they registered for this race.

As the transition area filled up with some awesome machines, both bikes and competitors, the sun began to cook off the morning chill. We started to see short sleeved jerseys and shorts, so great since previous races this season have captured racers in leg warmers and beanie caps. The race was minutes away.

Soon after the pre-race brief, the beginner and advanced distance racers sprinted out of the gate in their running shoes, rather than the gears and wheels. The FORD duathlon tests the competitors by incorporating trail running and mountain biking into one sweet race. These races are always so great, the camaraderie, the endless cheering from everyone for everyone just brings a smile to my face…it also makes us all pedal a little faster too! Transition one down, the bikes speed out on to the course. Although rained on the day before, the trails were in mostly perfect condition, they were fast and fun!

Transition two down and the running shoes are back on the competitor’s feet. As the competitors returned to the finish line, they were greeted as though they just broke the world record. This sport has a body of individuals that compare to no other sport, and today at the 2013 FORD, there were 75+ winners! Great race, great people, and nothing better than mixing those two variables with great single track.

FAMBE had 16 team members competing in the FORD and finished with 12 medals. An impressive day for the orange jersey’d riders!

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