FAMBE Overview

  • Is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Offer an opportunity for mountain bikers to come together as a one community representing our entire area and overarching community
  • Offer our community a standardized set of trail maps to reconnect users, and potential users, with our communities’ trails
  • Offer multiple mountain biking resources to help establish trail rides and enhance the connectivity within our community of mountain bikers

Trail Mapping Initiative

  • Collect, create, and develop a standardized set of maps for all regional trail systems, and other outdoor enthusiast supported events
  • Using GPS, cameras, and video; collect up-to-date, accurate data, pictures and movies to offer trail users an additional capability in their trail riding experience
  • Continue to provide free mapping resources to our community to further highlight our awesome trail networks and to increase and develop trail advocacy, while marketing the sport we love

 FAMBE Primary Goals and Objectives

  1. Create a centralized opportunity to meet, greet and enjoy the outdoors across the entire community.
  2. Support trail advocacy and trail work while supporting other trail and mountain biking groups in our region.
  3. Support healthy living by staying active while maintaining and introducing fitness and wellness into our lives.
  4. Support destination rides, encouragement, fun, local rides, skill development, socializing and the opportunity to experience racing as a team.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels to not only learn the joy of mountain biking, but to continue to grow the love for the sport. As a growing community of riders, we offer destination rides, encouragement, fun, local rides, skill development, socializing, and the opportunity to experience racing as a team. In addition to just having fun, we want to give back to the entire biking community through trail advocacy, trail work, and supporting other trail and mountain biking groups in our region. Lastly, the underlying intent is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active, meeting new and interesting people, and simply enjoying the outdoors.

Why create FAMBE and this website?

There are two major reasons that prompted the creation of the FAMBE group and website. Although mountain biking is primarily a solo sport, there is a compelling argument that it is best enjoyed as a group. We all know that there is immediate benefit from watching someone else take the right line, navigate the unimproved creek crossing, or tackling the log obstacle (This could also provide you with solid evidence of what not to do!). The novice can learn from the expert; while the expert can feel great about providing building blocks to up and coming mountain bikers. Since so many enthusiasts are dialed in to Facebook, this offers a simple solution to identify when someone schedules a ride. There is no pressure to organize or even attend the ride, but it does give you a heads-up on the planned and last minute rides.

This Facebook Group will compliment this website; however, the primary functions of this website will be to bring together people who share common interests and goals, and to deploy an assortment of trail maps. These maps will benefit everyone, tenured or those who may have just purchased bikes. This site will give you directions to the trailhead and provide comfort knowing where you are while on the trail. The future of this site will include static downloadable maps, interactive maps, a plethora of embedded trail images and ride-along videos, hill profiles, GPS and GPX data, and other gadgets that will add another dimension to your mountain biking experience.