Cycling and Yoga: A Symbiotic Relationship

Published On October 4, 2013 | News

FAMBE community yoga adds low-impact cross training to help reduce injury, relieve training boredom, reduce lower back pain from long rides in the saddle, adds variety and helps recover from hard aerobic or strength training. Yoga can be done at high or low intensities and customized to suit individual levels with hundreds of postures to fulfill any athletes’ needs. Frequent yoga practice may increase flexibility, and range of motion while relieving muscle tension. Whether you are a downhiller, mountain, or road cyclist, an improved range of motion can often help improve muscle performance. Yoga instructors can provide you with personalized tools to deepen your practice.

If you have been participating competitively in cycling with FAMBE or simply joining in the occasional fun ride, you are aware of the power of breath and the impact breathing can have on your overall performance. Yoga is the practice of breath with movement and is the foundation of reducing performance anxiety and improving concentration and focus. Cycling and yoga form a great partnership and together they can balance out the mind and body.

FAMBE community yoga is a perfect way to incorporate stretching exercises into your cycling routine. Stretching with your breath (yoga) is beneficial to correct muscle imbalances or biomechanical offsets. Allow yoga to alleviate or fix these imbalances while strengthening the intrinsic muscle to maintain proper form.

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