FAMBE Race Team

2014 VORS Team ChampsAll team members not present for this picture.

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The FAMBE team continues to accomplish great things on the trail, while digging deep to capture podium finishes. It is so exciting to see a team of seasoned riders, new riders, and weekend warriors come together to represent the Fredericksburg area, while highlighting our love for this awesome sport. What started as a few people wanting to try the race scene has now turned into many riders wanting to help advocate mountain biking, meet and exceed their personal goals, and to just partake in the camaraderie that surrounds this sport. Regardless of the place someone finishes, the speed of a lap, the make and model of their bike, at the end of the day it’s about doing something great for you, while experiencing it with others. This is the root of why most of us race.

Our team is a made up of riders from our community team who simply race to represent our community.

You are qualified to race; if:

  1. You have a Mountain Bike;
  2. You have a helmet;
  3. You enjoy riding your Mountain Bike;
  4. You enjoy riding your Mountain Bike with others;
  5. You enjoy meeting and exceeding your goals on the trail;
  6. You enjoy hanging out with other like-minded people;
  7. You are interested in advocating the sport of mountain biking by competing;
  8. You are interested in representing the Fredericksburg Mountain Biking Community.

There are no fees and requirements; well other than the eight requirements highlighted above.

As you can see in the images, we have team jerseys (which can also be purchased for leisure rides too!)

Our team is part of the Virginia Off-Road Series (VORS). For more info on VORS, click here.

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