Finally! Green, Warmth, Bikes, and More!

Published On April 16, 2016 | General, News

Wow, IT is finally here! Well, IT includes warm temperatures, flowers and leaves, seeing bikes and runners on every ride, doing trail maintenance in t-shirts, racing, and the list goes on. Last week, we went out and did all of these things. We invested over 14 hours in maintenance on the Quarry trails. We were prepping for the annual FORD Duathlon, which is put on by our local race company FredEvents, and just supporting everyday trail users.  The trail maintenance consisted of creating a new reroute, improved a new stream crossing, and did a lot of chain saw work in clearing fallen trees, trees that presented danger to trail users, and taking out small sapling stumps that peek out on the trail tread. (It seems like I always find those on the trail with my front tire…..followed by my body hitting the deck! Ouch!)

Sunday, 10 April; we had a blast racing on the trails, hanging out with good friends, and just doing what we all love to do. Will we see you out on the trails soon?? We hope so!



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