Fun in the Mud..Where’s my Bike?

Published On July 13, 2013 | News

Bikes…XXXXX (Sound of Jeopardy wrong answer here)

Eight FAMBE mountain bikers participated in the 2nd Annual Tribal Quest Obstacle course race at Celebrate Virginia Live, while using several of the trails that we all use and love. The 5.7 miles of RUNNING and 22 obstacles stood in the way of the finish line, but through some awesome team work, all eight team members completed all 22 obstacles and finished in 1 hour and 51 minutes.
Is that a good time? We don’t know, but every second of it was fun and uplifting.

This event is just another prime example of what all of this is about and helps support the true meaning behind FAMBE. Bikes, or no Bikes, it is about building a community within a community, and fostering old and new relationships. In using the urban dictionary meaning of FAMBE, it stands for ‘Friendly and Mutual Bonding Experience’. Today, with the help of the Tribal Quest, we accomplished this mission.

As you can see in our team shirts, there are several pieces to the pie and, while solo, no one would understand the meaning of their jersey; however, as a team, the individual letters all seem to make sense…very easy now and there were no individuals today, only a team! FAMBE.ORG

Photo courtesy of Mandi!

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