To race or not to question there!

Published On February 17, 2014 | News

The 2013 mountain bike race season proved to be an exciting year for the local Fredericksburg Mountain Biking Scene, where FAMBE captured the 1st place team finish in the VORS (Virginia Off-Road Series). The orange FAMBE jerseys were seen around the state at 13 different mountain bike races and several endurance and obstacle course events; as well. In addition to winning the team category, four FAMBE riders took the podium for the overall series in the categories in which they competed. Also, throughout the season, many riders took the podium at countless events. Hats off to all of our athletes!
The year was summed up nicely by the VORS director at the Stagg Creek Shakedown mountain bike race at Poor Farm Park when he saw a half dozen orange jerseys walking their bikes across the parking lot and said “it looked like a swarm of bees flying towards me”. Thanks to the skilled hands of several cameraman this season, the plethora of orange jersey’d racers (swarm of bees) were captured in still frames time and time again. FAMBE would like to give special thanks to Miguel Diaz Hansen for documenting our success through his craft.

Here we are in a ridiculously cold, wet, and snowy winter with the 2014 race season starting in a little over a month. This year, Fredericksburg Area riders will shoot to take on races within the Virginia Off-Road Series, Virginia Mountain Bike Series – USA Cycling, Run Ride Race Events, SM100, and so many others.
Did you race last year, have you raced previously, or are you trying to decide if racing is for you. Last season, we had several racers who competed in their first races. Will this be your first season?
If you are interested in racing with and under FAMBE this season; please take a moment to think about these questions, answer them, and send us an email with your results and any questions that you may have on the racing season.

fambe-2013-race-season1. Are you interested in racing with FAMBE?
2. What is your name?
3. What is your gender?
4. What category will you be racing in; i.e. Expert, Sport, Beginner, or XCAT (See VORs website for details on the categories)
5. How many races will you race?
6. Which races do you plan on racing within VORS?
7. Are there any other races or events that you are competing in this season?
Additionally, we will be registering under VORS to compete as a team (see website link below to read about rules, races, and other important information.)



If you aren’t familiar with VORS, and would like to read more about it; check out the website and race schedule at:

If you aren’t familiar with Virginia Mountain Bike Series, and would like to read more about it; check out their Facebook page at:
We look forward to seeing you on the trails in 2014!

Featured blog image credit: Steve Shot Me

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