Ready, Set, Go; and we are off!

Published On April 5, 2014 | News

Wow..who would of thought that after what seemed to be the never ending wet winter, the mountain biking season would be on us! I know, I know; mountain biking season is all year, but you know how most roll and its not in the wet or the cold. 🙂

Nonetheless, eight FAMBE riders packed up their gear and their bikes and headed to the Blue Ridge School in St. George, Virginia to take on the Race the Ridge Mountain Bike Race. We had beginner, sport, and expert riders taking on one, two, and three six mile laps; respectively.  The elevation gain was about 1200 feet per lap proving to test the lungs within the first few minutes of riding and, already mentioned, the first race of the year!

There are many races ahead of us, new goals that will be set, new friendships to be started, and a lot more fitness to be captured! Great start to the 2014 mountain biking season!

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