Riding the Trails; I tried and I like it!

Published On April 28, 2016 | General, News

FAMBE - Motts Run FunI tried and I like it!

By: Cat Rusk

After supporting my husband’s cycling hobby from behind the scenes for the last several years, I have finally gotten the itch to join him on the trails!

We recently purchased a legit mountain bike for me, and then were able to get in a day date so I could ride on my very first trail. My husband picked Motts Run Reservoir to show me the ropes on. The beginning of the trail is nice and smooth and I was able to get a bearing on my speed and gears. As we passed through the first half I was keeping pace nicely, and then we approached the intermediate part of the trail. This was what I was looking for with hills, rocks, and a bridge! I still kept a decent pace and only walked my bike once while going up a hill with larger rocks….okay, maybe just large pebbles for the experienced rider, but still a new terrain. I walked mostly because of me psyching myself out of it, but once I discovered that rocks really aren’t that scary I was good to go.

Rusk_Motts_3There is a (what I consider) large downhill that I thought could be taken slowly but my breaks wouldn’t have it.

I said “Jesus take the handle bars” and raced down, (secretly impressing my husband) and feeling awesome!

The Motts trail is really a great mix for a beginner. It has easy elements and then ones that help educate you on how to handle your bike. My husband was also awesome. He embodied the essence of patience and guidance that our MTB community radiates. I can’t wait to get on some other trails in the area, and continue having these special day dates with the hubs.

Notes: Do you have a story to tell or an adventure to share with our mountain bike community? We would love to share your story!!

As Cat pointed out, it is never too late to jump on a bike, hit the trails, and just enjoy being outdoors. As with this story, a day like this just may produce more memories for you, your siginifincant other, family, and friends; and you too can say “I tried and I liked it”!

Thanks Cat and Billy for sharing your day with us!

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