The road (or trail) less traveled.

Published On January 22, 2014 | General

Whether it be the road or the trail, there are many things that can be learned, observed, and appreciated while navigating on two wheels. With the general pace of life, we rarely experience things with a 100% focus. With riding, we are generally constrained to a one hour ride due to some other appointment, or we are trying to beat our last ride time, or even better, take a KOM. When was the last time you strolled through the trail while stopping to look at a flower, an insect, or an animal? New Year’s resolutions usually come in the form of how much more we can do, they rarely ever point in a direction of how much less we can do. Here is my resolution, take the time to do less on two wheels, while taking in the things that generally pass me at 10.32 mph (miles per hour). Of course, there are the necessary times when you need to drop your respective hammers; but make it point to incorporate the idea behind the road less traveled. Slow down, enjoy your surroundings; and even better, share this experience with friends, family, or a loved one. If you are like me, you also have a passion for this sport; you have a passion for the outdoors; and you have a passion for life and what you accomplish within it. Take the opportunity to learn, observe, and appreciate in 2014! See you on the trails!

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