The Family that Plays Together…

Published On February 17, 2017 | General

With all this sunshine and warmth, the riding season has begun and the trails are already filled with walkers, runners, and riders. Regardless of their transportation method; i.e. strollers, shoes, or bikes; the passion for experiencing those things off the beaten path is the common union. Smiles generally accompany these actions!

With this traffic, we ran into Ace and Amy on the trails, and here is what Amy shared with our growing community!

As an educator I love to find new learning experiences.  As a mother I cherish time spent with my family. Biking satisfies both the educator and mother in me. My husband and I both enjoyed biking before we had children, he is definitely more skilled than I am. It was a natural progression to have our two boys join in our passion. Our boys are eight and six and have been riding the trails since they were 4.

We first started the boys out at the Salamander loop by the Spotsylvania school board office. This was a great trail to start out on since it’s pretty flat and there is not a lot of traffic. Mott’s Reservoir, during the “Take a kid mountain biking” event was our next adventure. This event helped the boys learn some basic skills and become more comfortable on rugged terrain. Alum Springs, the VCR and the Virginia Heritage trail helped increase the boy’s endurance. As the boys became more confident, we travelled to Freedom Park in Williamsburg. This was a great opportunity to test out some obstacles. There were bypasses for all of the obstacles that were above their skill level. Belle Isle offers another opportunity to play on obstacles, see history, and ride on a suspension bridge. Fredericksburg’s Quarry trail has challenged us with the Ridgeline trail and rewarded us with the beauty of the Beach trail. The quarry trails are one of our favorites because there are trails for every skill level.

Riding bikes has helped teach many lessons to the boys. Grayson, my oldest has more stamina and has learned to be patient with his younger brother who sometimes needs to hop off and push his bike up a hill. The boys have learned perseverance and commitment as they fight through tired legs to reach the end of a trail. Edict and manners have been reinforced as they move to the side to let swifter riders pass or say a quick thank you and good afternoon to those riders who let us pass. As a family biking has brought us closer and healthier.  We have explored new locations and challenged ourselves with obstacles. The trails have also forced us to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty that great outdoors has to offer.


Amazing story and family! If you see them out there, ensure you say “Hey”, and if you haven’t been out there; it’s never too late!

We look forward to a great season of events, group rides, and simply just having fun; while meeting new and interesting people like Ace and Amy!


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