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Published On November 10, 2014 | General

2014 teamWait for it, wait for it,….the FAMBE team finished the 2014 mountain bike race season with 1st place in the Virginia Off Road Series (VORS) Team Challenge. Coming off a 1st place team finish in 2013, we knew that the stakes would be much higher with a significant increase in the number of teams competing. The landscape was different this year, as there were three team categories; all male, all female, and coed team divisions. There were twelve teams competing in the coed division, eight in the all male division, and two in the all female division. There was debate at the beginning of the season on which category to choose; however, we decided to represent the Fredericksburg community with one team made up of men and women. We consistently speak of one mountain biking community in Fredericksburg and we wanted to represent it in that same fashion, one team.2013 FAMBE Team Champions

As with any team effort, it takes hard work and dedication by many individuals.

Athete Division # of Races
Danny Frizzell Mens Sport 11
Laura Maple Womens Expert 9
Ben Faust Singlespeed 8
Kristin Frizzell Womens Sport 8
Lynn Faust Womens Beginner 7
Jerico Slavin Mens Sport 6
Sara Twiford Womens XCAT 4
Robert Maple Singlespeed 4
Mandi Goetz Womens Sport 3
David Gaske Mens XCAT 2
Brad Lockett Mens Sport 1
Eric Williams Singlespeed 1

There were 64 races competed in within the 2014 VORS race season. Additionally, there was a plethora of other races, events, trips, and casual rides mixed in throughout this awesome season.

Individually, there were several podium finishes for several FAMBE team members:

Athete Division Place
Danny Frizzell Mens Sport 1st
Laura Maple Womens Expert 1st
Ben Faust Singlespeed 1st
Kristin Frizzell Womens Sport 2nd
Lynn Faust Womens Beginner 3rd

Hats off to these talented riders!

What did we learn in 2014?

We continue to find new friends and new places just by pedaling our bikes. We want to thank all the race directors, the trail maintenance organizations, and the many friends we have across the state of Virginia. We hope that everyone has a wonderful off-season and look to see you all out on the trails next year.

Keep pedaling towards the future!

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